add mapquest layer back
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2011-12-24 Arno Renevieradd mapquest layer back
2011-10-28 Arno Renevierfixes: message did not appear when showing it too quick... v.0.3.7
2011-10-27 Arno Reneviermerge linestrings for gpx containting multiple trkseg...
2011-09-08 Arno Renevierallow opening terms of use box with space keyboard
2011-08-12 Arno Renevierincrease title max size to 160 characters
2011-08-12 Arno Renevierfixes css regression in newpwd, contact and account
2011-08-11 Arno Reneviersome files were missing copyright information
2011-08-11 Arno Renevierjs strict mode in development files
2011-07-28 Arno Renevierscreencast
2011-07-17 arnoupdate to OpenLayers SVG2 renderer
2011-07-07 arnoenable navigation in raw mode
2011-07-07 arnotransition when message is shown/hidden
2011-07-07 arnocss minor code cleanup
2011-07-07 arnodrop ie6 support
2011-07-07 arnoimproves list style
2011-06-13 arnoupdate to latest modifiablepath version
2011-06-13 arnoupdate OpenLayers to latest trunk
2011-04-18 arnorevert: add mapquest layer
2011-04-15 arnocache js, css and png files
2011-04-14 arnouse html5 <footer> element
2011-04-14 arnofixe map resizing
2011-04-14 arnoadd mapquest layer
2011-04-11 arnouse all 3 available osm tile servers
2011-04-04 arnouse __DIR__ instead of dirname(__FILE__)
2011-04-04 arnoexplain how to delete a point in welcome message
2011-03-26 arnoattribution smaller in raw mode
2011-03-26 arnobetter print support (bis)
2011-03-26 arnobetter mobile support
2011-03-24 arnobetter print support
2011-03-23 arnofixes script (and do not put openlayers in...
2011-03-22 arnomake installation process more simple
2011-03-22 arnoupdate OpenLayers and put syj.cfg outside OpenLayers...
2011-03-20 arnoremove uniquepath constraint
2011-03-20 arnoupdate copyright headers
2011-03-20 arnominor jslint cleanup
2011-03-20 arnouser FileReader to read file upload on client side...
2011-03-20 arnowarns user when there is a server side error
2011-03-20 arnoallow uploading a route as a file
2011-03-14 arnoallow setting initial position with get params
2011-03-14 arnocall cron scripts with php cli
2011-03-14 arnoupdate to latest Zend and modifiablepath versions
2011-03-14 arnosome jslint cleanup
2010-11-25 arnoupdate to new Zend/OpenLayers/Prototype versions
2010-09-28 arnofixes: not possible to upload path after it has been...
2010-09-28 arnofixes: file drag and drop did not work with gpx format
2010-09-27 arnoupdate openlayers build file
2010-09-26 arnodefine font
2010-09-22 arnofixes: ui is not correctly refreshed after account...
2010-09-07 arnoremove close button for geom form
2010-09-07 arnorename OpenLayers style.css to olstyle.css
2010-09-03 arnofixes: do not activate close button on submit events
2010-09-03 arnofixes exception
2010-09-03 is not available during paste event...
2010-08-26 arnosome style for forms
2010-08-25 arnodo not use a reserved js keyword
2010-08-25 arnoability to drag and drop a route file
2010-08-25 arnohover menu color less dark
2010-08-24 arnokml export
2010-08-22 arnodirect link to path
2010-08-21 arnocss improvements for nominatim-suggestions
2010-08-21 arnoutils: jquery text() equivalent
2010-08-21 arnodisplay route length
2010-08-21 arnosearch a place with nominatim
2010-08-20 arnodisable form during request in Ajaxize
2010-08-20 arnogeneral class for accout info toggler
2010-08-19 arnoprinting css style
2010-08-19 arnodo not enable submitting a duplicate path without first...
2010-08-18 arnofix alignement in list page
2010-08-18 arnodo not allow checking accept checkbox when submit butto...
2010-08-18 arnofixes: geomform is too width in ie
2010-08-18 arnoremoves css debug
2010-08-18 arnofixes: controls not visible in ie
2010-08-18 arnofaq
2010-08-18 arnoset login controls to the right of the map
2010-08-18 arnofixes: termsofuse were sometimes not displayed
2010-08-15 arnoreset termsofuse opacity to 100%
2010-08-15 arnoraw mode for termsofuse
2010-08-15 arnoraw mode to display map
2010-08-15 arnosome jslint cleanup
2010-08-15 arnodisplay logged user pseudo in footer
2010-08-15 arnosome css improvements
2010-08-14 arnofixes incompatibility between div messenger and closebtn
2010-08-14 arnosome js cleanup
2010-08-14 arnosome jslint cleanup
2010-08-14 arnoread initial geom from js object instead of form input
2010-08-13 arnoask a confirmation when users leaves with unsaved route
2010-08-13 arnofixes in ie: focus was not set correctly in forms
2010-08-13 arnoremove vertical scrollbar
2010-08-13 arnoduplicate a route functionality
2010-08-13 arnoupdate to latest simplebox
2010-08-13 arnoajax for account creation to known if a pseudo is available
2010-08-13 arnolist of created routes: ie support
2010-08-13 arnoredirection after path creation is decided by server...
2010-08-13 arnoupdate translations
2010-08-13 arnointerface to manage list of created routes
2010-08-13 arnoseparate route to create a new path, and to update...
2010-08-13 arnominor js cleanup
2010-08-13 arnorewrite form.ajaxize to create a separate Ajax.TimedReq...
2010-08-13 arnobutton to start a route
2010-08-13 arnomy account link appears when logging from main page