add mapquest layer back
[syj.git] / scripts /
2011-12-24 Arno Renevieradd mapquest layer back
2011-08-14 Arno Renevierforgot to include SVG2 file in OL build v.0.3.6
2011-08-12 Arno Renevierincrease title max size to 160 characters
2011-08-11 Arno Renevierjs strict mode in development files
2011-07-08 arnofixes wrong exception in if no git tag is set v.0.3.4
2011-04-18 arnorevert: add mapquest layer
2011-04-15 arnocache js, css and png files
2011-04-14 arnoadd mapquest layer
2011-03-28 arnoinclude lighttpd.conf in built archive
2011-03-23 arnofixes: forgot to include GeoJSON format in ol release... v0.3
2011-03-23 arnofixes script (and do not put openlayers in...
2011-03-23 arnomake script simpler
2011-03-22 arnomake installation process more simple
2011-03-22 arnoupdate OpenLayers and put syj.cfg outside OpenLayers...
2011-03-20 arnoremove uniquepath constraint
2011-03-20 arnouse cookies instead of session to manage login
2011-03-14 arnocall cron scripts with php cli
2011-03-14 arnoset some jslint options
2011-03-14 arnoinclude jslint
2010-11-29 arnocrontab: database backup
2010-11-25 arnofixes: updategeoip and updategeonames failed when not...
2010-09-29 arnoclear lighttpd compress cache in cron
2010-09-27 arnoadd japanese locale
2010-09-19 arnodo not mail vacuum output from crontab
2010-09-15 arnovacuum tables manually
2010-09-15 arnolighttpd.conf
2010-09-09 arnoremoves old sessions files in crontab
2010-09-07 arnoscript to help package a release
2010-08-18 arnodo not delete routes when an account has not been validated
2010-08-13 arnotwo new default routes
2010-08-13 arnoallow anonymous routes creation
2010-07-27 arnoversion 0.1 v0.1