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2010-04-16 arnoerr_lonlat_invalid exceptions not thrown correctly
2010-04-16 Sebastian Klemmupdate german translation
2010-04-16 arnofixes listfeatures called without argument in upgrade.php
2010-04-16 arnopostgresql support
2009-10-04 arnoallow custom css rules
2009-08-24 Sebastian Klemmgerman translation
2009-08-24 Sebastian Klemmbetter english phrasing
2009-08-24 Sebastian Klemmfixes french typo
2009-08-23 arnoremoves hardcoded "cancel" string
2009-08-23 arnodo not allow empty passwords
2009-08-20 arnoIE8 compatibility
2009-08-20 arnoremoves popup scrollbars in firefox. Try to avoid them...
2009-08-20 arnooption to show popup near marker or on a corner
2009-08-16 arnoimprove french orthography and typography
2009-08-16 arnomove templates to a specific directory
2009-08-16 arnobetter w3 standard support
2009-08-16 arnointerface to change password
2009-08-16 arnoweb interface to add co-administrators
2009-08-15 arnoimprove wizard (hand editing of settings.php is no...
2009-08-15 arnomulti user administration
2009-08-10 arnolocalization: do not consider regionalized accept languages
2009-08-08 arnofixes: wrong url for thumbnails if THUMBSDIRURL is...
2009-08-08 arnofixes: upgrade did not run correctly when gd extension...
2009-08-08 arnooption to show popup near marker
2009-08-08 arnofixes: popups with only a description were not displaye...
2009-08-07 arnowhen clicking image in popup, show it full screen
2009-08-07 arnoadd throbber when modifying something in admin editor...
2009-08-07 arnolang attribute for <html> tag
2009-08-07 arnocreate thumbnails of photos
2009-07-26 arnofix broken script in wizard.php
2009-07-26 arnoUTF-8 safe version of basename
2009-07-26 arnosmall code cleanup (indentation, missing copyrights...
2009-07-26 arnorss feed
2009-07-25 arnoimproves behaviour after unauthorized server reply
2009-07-25 arnopassword is defined by user in wizard + localize wizard
2009-07-22 arnoi18n and english translation
2009-07-16 arnoreal api and clearer separation between server and...
2009-07-11 arnoinitial commit v0.0.1