fixes CHANGES.txt
[syp.git] / js / syp.js
2009-10-06 arnowhen selecting a cluster, zoom until features are detached
2009-10-05 arnoshow number of features on cluster markers
2009-10-04 arnokonqueror compatibility
2009-08-24 arnoanother try to fix popup sizing problem in Firefox mainrepo/master v0.3 v0.3b
2009-08-24 Sebastian Klemmbetter english phrasing
2009-08-24 arnofixes: permalink did not work
2009-08-20 arnoavoid html injection in item title
2009-08-20 arnoIE8 compatibility
2009-08-20 arnoremoves popup scrollbars in firefox. Try to avoid them...
2009-08-20 arnocompute position for close button once full screen...
2009-08-20 arnooption to show popup near marker or on a corner
2009-08-15 arnomulti user administration
2009-08-08 arnooption to show popup near marker
2009-08-08 arnorename marker files
2009-08-07 arnowhen clicking image in popup, show it full screen
2009-07-30 arnouses cluster strategy for items presentation
2009-07-26 arnosmall code cleanup (indentation, missing copyrights...
2009-07-25 arnofixes: sometimes, popup with images do not autosize...
2009-07-25 arnodo not display popup when there is no content at all
2009-07-22 arnoplace permalink "under" popup
2009-07-22 arnoi18n and english translation
2009-07-22 arnoadd links to syp homepage in attribution control
2009-07-16 arnoreal api and clearer separation between server and...
2009-07-11 arnoinitial commit v0.0.1