fixes CHANGES.txt
[syp.git] / js / admin.js
2009-10-04 arnokonqueror compatibility
2009-08-23 arnoremoves hardcoded "cancel" string
2009-08-23 arnodo not allow empty passwords
2009-08-20 arnodetects when server sends a bad formed html page
2009-08-16 arnointerface to change password
2009-08-16 arnoweb interface to add co-administrators
2009-08-15 arnomulti user administration
2009-08-08 arnorename marker files
2009-08-07 arnoadd throbber when modifying something in admin editor...
2009-07-25 arnoimproves behaviour after unauthorized server reply
2009-07-25 arnoremoves dead code
2009-07-22 arnoi18n and english translation
2009-07-16 arnoreal api and clearer separation between server and...
2009-07-11 arnoinitial commit v0.0.1